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                            Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced process equipment, intelligent equipment manufacturing technology in the subdivided trade structure. Upholding the engagement in devices for the subdivided trade structure and the operation philosophy of quality first, customer first, we have actively responded to customer needs, increasingly improved the understanding on customers' product characteristics and production methods as well as deepened strategic cooperation in various fields like production requirements, implementation mean and product updates, etc. with customers since its foundation.

                            Our products mainly involve rubber vibration insulating devices, auto parts assembly facilities, motor assembly facilities, non-standard testing devices and general hydraulic devices, etc., which are widely applied in various industries like auto parts, electrical machinery, medical machinery, electrical appliance, plastics, machinery and so on.

                            Our company has a wealth of professional R & D background and practical experience in mechanical equipment. Tianyu Machinery has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of making perfection more perfect and constantly gone beyond in the face of ever-accelerated market environment since its foundation. Moreover, it has changed with the times, focused on technological innovation, actively researched and developed its independent intellectual property rights to constantly improve the technical process and optimize the product structure. At the same time, Tianyu Machinery has formed its own core competitiveness and obtained good reputation in the industry owing to the full use of various advantages of resources, the introduction of international advanced management concepts and systems as well as learning of international cutting-edge


                            Possessing a number of independent intellectual property rights and patents, our company has established a standardized ERP management system and obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification. We successively provided pressing devices of scientific research for the China National Academy of Sciences, China Electric Power Research Institute, Peking University, Lanzhou University and China University of Science and Technology and so on. Regarding the industrial application, long-term good cooperative relationships have also been set up with domestic auto parts well-known manufacturers and enterprises in all kinds of fields like electrical machinery, hardware, electronics and so on.

                            Tianyu develops eternally to spread its fame throughout the world. On the basis of its solid foundation, Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will constantly stride forward towards the goal of being a world-class equipment manufacturer by upholding the heart of machinery and adhering to its core values of integrity, innovation, learning, dedication and efficiency.

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